The Toffee


The creation of Vermont Amber toffee is based upon a foundation of carefully chosen ingredients which are selected from a co-op that supports local area farmers.  The development of each individual flavor is then an organic process as the elements melt and mix together to create a uniquely delightful experience. Every batch is handmade with love and care in the beautiful state of Vermont.

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Core Flavors

Salted Sesame Toffee


The sesame flavor, featuring unhulled organic sesame seeds and kosher salt, was the first flavor I tried when I started testing out new flavors for the business. It holds a special place as the flavor that started it all.

Cacao Nib Toffee


Cacao nib is my chocolate-loving daughter's favorite flavor. The crunchy texture has always been a crowd pleaser and the cacao nibs have a fruity and sophisticated flavor.

Coconut Toffee


The coconut flavor arrived name first, in winter in Vermont. The coconut adds a new dimension to the sweet crunch, and is reminiscent of the snowy hills that Vermont is so well known for.

Pumpkin Seed/Chipotle Toffee


Suggested by a friend from New Mexico, the pumpkin seed and chipotle flavor has some kick to it.  Based on New Mexican flavors, my friends agree, the heat of chipotle contrasts nicely with the sweetness of my toffee.  

Fennel Seed Toffee


Fennel seeds are traditionally used in savory foods - but Vermont Amber is not a company that plays by the rules. This flavor is reminiscent for me of the Indian sugar-coated fennel seed candy, 'mukhwas' (which means breath pleaser). It is widely regarded as our most unique and creative flavor. The fennel seeds are spicy and reminiscent of licorice.

No Bits, Just Toffee


The plain flavor was a request, after people at farmers markets began asking for a toffee without any "bits." It is nothing but organic butter, sugar, and a little bit of kosher salt to round out the sweetness.

Ginger Cookie Toffee


The warmth, heat and spice of ginger from two sources. First I use ginger that I grate and dehydrate myself, it’s so much better than powdered ginger that way!  Once that’s done, I crush ginger cookies and add them to the mix.  All to get a spicy, gingery, toffee/cookie mix that really works, mid day, end of day, or any time you need a treat!

Specialty Flavors

Percolator Toffee


A smooth cup of java! Coffee toffee, if you like coffee ice cream, you’ll love Percolator toffee, on ice cream, in cookies, or just to enjoy on its own.

Tomato Terrific Toffee (Currently Not Available)


Tomatoes in toffee?  With smoked salt and black pepper? Crazy good alone, and to make it even better try it with aged cheddar cheese.  It’s the best grilled cheese sandwich ever!

Hints of Bombay Toffee (Currently Not Available)


Not chai, this toffee uses gin botanicals from Saxtons River distillery.  Hints of orange peel, cardamom, star anise and grains of paradise.  Many hints here!

2016 by L Sharff

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