About the Candymaker


The woman behind it all: Elizabeth Feinberg is trained as a pastry chef and an elementary school teacher, and loves Vermont because of the climate and the culture. She lives in White River Junction with her two daughters, assorted four-legged creatures, and a goldfish. She strives to keep Vermont Amber a local business, staying true to creative organic food and her Farmer's Market roots. 

The Story


In the winter of 2005, I started making toffee as a holiday gift. It went to my daughter’s teachers and then to my family and friends.  Soon, it was a heavily requested item at potlucks and parties but I would always then get the same question - “where can I buy more of this?”  It wasn’t until I realized that I was continually finding a half gone tray of my original chocolate covered toffee that I knew I was onto something special ….it was my daughters who kept telling me that once they started eating it, they couldn’t stop.  


So, my children and friends would be tasters over the next 10 years as I experimented with more flavors. With my friends asking for more toffee to give as gifts themselves, I finally decided to test the market and began selling my six most popular flavors in local Vermont stores.  Vermont Amber continues to be so popular that I decided it should have this, its very own website.

Why Toffee?


Despite a changing audience over the years, Elizabeth’s toffee is still always enthusiastically received. Made of simple ingredients but crafted in a stunningly unique and deceptively unassuming way, it is the challenge of providing complexity to these, the simplest of ingredients, that provides the perfect opportunity for Elizabeth to fully express her culinary point of view.​

2016 by L Sharff

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